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Kitchen Ingredient & Staples — For Times Beyond COVID-19

These are all of the things I keep in my kitchen, not saying you need to have every single item but I guarantee if you were stuck in an apocalypse or just overworked and hungry on a Friday night; you can make something delicious.

Let’s break it down by area of the kitchen to make things a little easier. Note: this isn’t just a list of shelf stable ingredients!

Dry Pantry

  • Pasta — Bucatini, farfalle, rigatoni

Cheese and Cold Cuts Drawer

  • Parmesan, wedge

Refrigerator Side Door

  • Hot sauces — Crystal, Sriracha and/or piri piri

Main Refrigerator Shelves

  • Eggs

Fruit & Vegetable Basket

  • Lemons

Spice Rack

  • Aleppo pepper


  • Chicken thighs

Once you have your baseline — get to cooking. Below are some simple recipes for inspiration using your newly outfitted kitchen:

Written by

Hapa Southerner living in San Francisco | North Beach. Documenting recipes, collecting cookbooks, and writing. Marketing by day.

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