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When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do with my grandmother was to visit the local Asian grocery store. While she shopped, we’d trot past aisles and aisles of colorful labels we couldn’t read, vacuum-sealed bags full of mysterious fungi or cartons adorned with neon, bug-eyed characters. …

My original copy of Charleston Receipts from my grandmother. It was a wedding gift dating back to 1952.

Christmas, 2016. I opened an unassuming package with a handmade tag from my grandmother. Inside was a slightly worse for wear, wire bound cookbook titled, Charleston Receipts. Amongst the chaos of other family members ravaging through their gifts, she said, “that cookbook was a wedding gift from my mother-in-law.” …

Piri-Piri-ish Chicken with Roasted Potatoes by Molly Baz in her latest, Cook This Book.

Reflecting on the best things we cooked or at least tried to cook in a year of isolation.

Tuesday, March 17th San Francisco Mayor London Breed ordered the first of several stay at home orders. At the beginning, it felt like we were getting a temporary reprieve from long working…

A resurgence in the timeless activity has gotten people outside and interested in mycology again.

A species of polypore mushrooms known as Conifer Mazegill, not Turkey Tails.

Disclaimer: I am not a biologist, mycologist or even avid mushroom hunter. The information I am presenting purely comes from the expert I hunted with plus my own research. Here’s what you can expect from hunting with a professional.

“SHIT, I missed the turn,” I screamed inside my Jeep as…

Beef and sweet potato meatballs with almond yogurt sauce, dill and chili oil.

Resetting the eating habits of a persnickety eater without drab diet recipes and monotonous meal prep.

Six months into shelter in place orders and eating our feelings, my partner and I decided to take control of something…our diet. We did some research on various resets, diets and cleanses. I contacted…

A plate of Mount Tam cheese pierogi topped with caramelized onions and cabbage. Photos: Erica Lovelace

It was a cool evening in June. I popped downstairs to the foyer of my apartment building, where a fellow in a face mask and gloves stood carrying a large bag of food in to-go containers. We politely greeted one another, and he replied, “Thanks so much for supporting us!”…

At Gizdich Farms in Watsonville, you pick berries and pay at the end by the pound. Masks required in the field of course and dogs are welcomed as long as they stay around the perimeter of the growing space.

A slightly new take on a classic spread using strawberries from Gizdich Farms located in Watsonville. It’s a short drive from San Francisco in Santa Cruz county. Gizdich, a combination farm and small dry goods shop, is busy in June during the peak of strawberry season. …

How a weekend in the Mount Shasta Wilderness can mend your soul.

Caveat: This is for car camping, easy-going outdoor enthusiasts. If you prefer to backpack or camp alone, this is not the article for you.

A view of the mountain’s peak from Panther Meadows.

A friend told me a story about getting lost and winding up at a mystical, mountain retreat. Upon arrival, a man told her that she was destined to end up there. She stayed, meditated, and drank from the mountain’s well. The mountain, she said, produced water so coveted that people would drive from all over the country to collect it for its supposed healing powers. I knew I had to go.

Erica Lovelace Cooks

Hapa Southerner living in San Francisco | North Beach. Documenting recipes, collecting cookbooks, and writing. Marketing by day.

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